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    15 Responses to “Links”

    1. Charlie Ginter said

      My without Grandma and me you wouldn’t of had such a nice family.

    2. Dawn said

      Angie on Favorite blogs

    3. Peter said

      Fyi, you have our permission to put a link to our blog on your blog. And do you have SKYPE? If so we should chat sometime.

    4. joelbyer said

      Done! Unfortunately no I don’t have SKYPE.

    5. joelbyer said

      Did I just do a double negative?…hmmm…no I think I didn’t 🙂

    6. Add mine JB. Thanks.

    7. Chad Damon said

      Joel, I just started blooging and was told that your site is the best one to get linked to everyone elses. They were right. Great site. Hope you don’t mind that I have been stealing links to add to my site.

    8. Chad Damon said

      Oops I guess it is called blogging not blooging. Hmmm, maybe I have an idea going with that blooging. I’ll think on it and see if it is something that can make me a lot of money.

    9. Joel Byer said

      Hi Chad!
      Yes, BBB is the standard by which every other blog is judged.

      I’m kidding. I sure hope not! 🙂

    10. Hey! Can you link to my blog? If you link to mine I’ll link to yours.

    11. Joel, I am in need of Japheth Nell’s email address, and I was wondering if you might be able to supply me with that. I have an address on hand, but my emails keep getting kicked back to me, so I guess it’s outdated.

      My email is:

      Thanks so much!


    12. Mary Jane (Thomas) Myers said

      Where is Debbie “Miller” these days (Sindy Replogle’s sister)? I worked with her at the “telephone company” – early ’70’s. She married and I lost track of her ….

      Mary Jane

    13. Hello Bro. Byers,

      Sorry i missed you @ Rocklake, was hoping to see you.

      Nathaniel Tucker

    14. Nancy said

      I am trying to locate your email address for the missionaries that are scheduled to come to your church. If you could email that to me, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

    15. joelbyer said

      It is joelbyer @ (just remove the spaces)

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