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Don’t denigrate your spouse!

Posted by joelbyer on August 28, 2011

Why Speaking Well of Your Spouse Is So Important

This is also true when it comes to blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Don’t speak ill of your spouse!


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Story about one of the Navy Seals

Posted by joelbyer on August 7, 2011

‘I wouldn’t wish this on anyone,’ Navy SEAL widow says –
…and he was a Christian.

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Simple. Good.

Posted by joelbyer on August 5, 2011

5 Steps to Getting Stuff Done

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How should Christians think about the death of bin Laden?

Posted by joelbyer on May 2, 2011

Some Thoughts on the Death of Bin Laden | Denny Burk
I think this article pretty closely mirrors my views…

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Ever received grace?

Posted by joelbyer on April 3, 2011

For Christmas vandals, the spirit of forgiveness | Detroit Free Press |

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A good thought I found as I was perusing Facebook :-)

Posted by joelbyer on March 3, 2011

OK, not really but you get the point!

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The destructive power of drugs…

Posted by joelbyer on February 25, 2011

Shocking mug shots reveal toll of addiction – Health – Addictions –
Pictures say a thousand words…these sure do.

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Bad idea of the day

Posted by joelbyer on October 19, 2010

Divorce insurance softens breakup blow –

How about loving your wife and working on your marriage instead?

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26 Gigapixel picture of Paris

Posted by joelbyer on March 19, 2010

Paris 26 Gigapixels – Interactive virtual tour of the most beautiful monuments

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God is Working!

Posted by joelbyer on January 31, 2010

As you have probably deduced, this blog has not been too substantive for the last number of months. Facebook, other interests…etc…have contributed to this blog’s lack of content.

However, I just wanted to post and give God the glory for how He has been working in our church over the last few weeks. We have had some inspiring conversions, and some real victories won! It has been so encouraging to see an increase in attendance, more fervent prayer, and most of all…God doing some amazing things in people’s lives.

I can’t count how many times I have heard from others or directly experienced myself…God answering specific prayers. In a few moments, I am headed over to the church to pray with our church board…asking God to direct us and further His cause through our church. Great things are happening!

So…if you don’t have a church you attend, come join us! Some great things are taking place, and I am anticipating that this is not the end but the beginning!
To God be the Glory! It is HIS work and HIS church.

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Stirring thought from John Maxwell….

Posted by joelbyer on November 1, 2009

No one can connect with everybody. It doesn’t matter how hard you work at it. Though I strive to be an effective communicator, I know there are people I leave cold when I talk. That’s okay. But you can be sure that I will do everything in my power to keep them from falling asleep. The longer they stay engaged, the better the chance I have of winning them over. And the better the chance of adding value to them.

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Good stuff on taking responsibility!

Posted by joelbyer on October 14, 2009

Pastor Steven Furtick »  It’s always your fault…It’s never your fault

I need to prescribe a little leadership pill that’s pretty hard to swallow…but oh so good for you…and everyone you lead.

When you come into conflict with someone you lead, mark this:
All of it is never your fault.
Some of it is always your fault.

If you assume all of the responsibility for the conflict, you’ll end up owning issues that are not yours to own.  Soon you’ll be overcompensating for someone else’s dysfunction.  You’ll aggravate the injury because you’re treating the wrong symptoms.

If you assume too little of the responsibility, you’re passing up a jackpot of learning experience and opportunity for improvement.  Plus, you’re the kind of aloof and delusional jerk that no one wants to work for because you’re never ever wrong.

If the issue is theirs, forgive, coach, and appropriately reposition.  If the issue is yours, own it, and convert it into wisdom.  Either way, you get better with every failure.  And that’s a success.

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