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Janae Lynn Byer

Posted by joelbyer on February 9, 2011

OK, so this blog is rarely updated anymore, but for the 2.6 monthly readers who still follow Byer’s Bland Blog…here are pictures of our new baby girl! Janae was born February 8, 2011, 7 pounds – 6 ounces, 18 inches long, blond hair…


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Bill & Vonda O’Connor’s adoption of Hailey & Angelina

Posted by joelbyer on February 25, 2010

EMCA (our Christian school) closed down for a field trip day…and here we all are (well…many of us!) in a room waiting to surprise the O’Connor’s.

The judge recites a poem on adoption…

The judge comments on the crowd…somewhere between 50-60 showed up!

Both Bill & Vonda O’Connor were asked by the judge why they wanted to adopt Hailey & Angelina.

They both gave great answers!

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Janessa turns 55 today!

Posted by joelbyer on January 12, 2010

…or did I add an extra 5?

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Janessa!

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Levi Benjamin Byer

Posted by joelbyer on January 10, 2010

Just thought I’d share a few pictures of my new nephew Benjamin Levi Byer!

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Posted by joelbyer on August 1, 2009

The Tunkhannock PHC group at youth camp

My as yet to be unpacked study…but it’s getting more unpacked! 🙂

ABOVE: Check out the beautiful picture on the wall on the right sent as a going away gift by Dawn Valley!

My mom was up….here she does something constructive to the wall. 🙂

A good sign! 🙂

The parsonage & church

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We’re leaving this morning…

Posted by joelbyer on July 23, 2009

Well folks, it’s 4:46AM, and we’re planning to leave somewhere around 6ish. It’ll be a big day! We’re moving all that we have from Dawn Valley to Tunkhannock.
We would appreciate your prayers that we make it safely through the border.

Most of all, we would appreciate your prayers that in the chaotic business of all that’s going on and will go on, we won’t lose our focus on what’s most important! (Matthew 22:37-39)

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At Uncle Titus & Aunt Cherie’s house (Sunday)

Posted by joelbyer on July 21, 2009

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A little BBB update…

Posted by joelbyer on July 14, 2009

Well folks, this blog has pretty much fallen off the face of the earth these last few weeks. Things have been busy, our lives have been in upheaval, and I sit in a study of boxes as I speak!
However, God has also been really working in our lives and we have been blessed beyond measure.

Last week our family went to OIHA Camp, and to be honest, I was a little worried. New passport regulations at the border threatened to dramatically reduce attendance, and as is every year, the finances of the camp always weigh heavily on me as I endeavour to direct the camp.
Let me just say that unless you actually are in charge of something, it’s pretty hard to understand the weight that it brings!
BUT! God gave us a great camp with a good crowd and the finances came in too! (Well mostly…but at the very least if anything it was even better than last year)
Praise God!

So tonight, as I sit in my study of boxes, getting ready to change the other rear brake pad and rotor on my minivan, I can truly say that God is good!
Hopefully, I’ll be able to post some pix later…

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Pictoral post of our vacation

Posted by joelbyer on June 2, 2009

Putting the news of our transition on hold for a moment, take a moment and look at some of our vacation pix…

U: Janessa sips her Starbucks 🙂
L: Matt & Dorcas Hallam (my sister & hubby) their house they just bought is below

U: Jeffrey and Janessa at the Creation Museum south of Cincinnati, OH. Everyone should go!
L: My mother-in-law…who will kill me now that I’ve posted this. (It was pop.)

The following are pictures of Jeffrey’s graduation. He and his cousin Jeremy (Luke & Rachel Byer’s boy) graduated from kindergarten at a special service at my brother’s church.

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Titus & Cherie here today!

Posted by joelbyer on March 31, 2009

It’s good to have my brother Titus and his wife Cherie with us today. They are heading to Joe Krohn’s church in Kingston tomorrow for revival services. Maybe we’ll have some pictures to post later on.

Or maybe we won’t.

Anyway, I publically apologize for the minimal effort the BBB staff has been making to keep this blog relevant and interesting  the last few weeks.

Believe me…heads will roll when I find out who has been slacking.

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Happy Valentines Day!

Posted by joelbyer on February 14, 2009

I love you, Jen…more than ever!

(Oh, and for the record, BBB will remain pink only for today. )

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Video of Jaylee

Posted by joelbyer on February 4, 2009

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