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A great article on the Apostle Paul

Posted by joelbyer on July 28, 2011

The Paul We Think We Know | Christianity Today

This article identifies 3 great myths that have been widely held about the Apostle Paul…
1) He was anti-Jewish
2) He was merely about a personal relationship with Jesus to the neglect of living and working within a Christian community.
3) He had a dynamic, alpha-male type leadership personality

For the record, I largely agree with this article.
I think that American individualism, a distorted emphasis on legalism, and American CEO-type leadership styles have wrongly colored our view of the great Apostle Paul.
I would love to get your feedback on Facebook. Read this article and tell me what you think.
But be nice! 🙂


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New Conservative Holiness journal….

Posted by joelbyer on November 2, 2010

Rev. Robert Booth of Lebanon, PA has started a new venture called “Fotia”. This is an online journal that addresses topics of interest and challenges
that church leaders face in the twenty-first century.  Its primary
audience is within the conservative holiness movement. 
Different people (including yours truly 🙂 ) have contributed.

Click here to read!

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These are good!

Posted by joelbyer on September 23, 2010

10 Personal Growth Questions :: Perry Noble | Leadership

Simple. Practical. To the point.

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Bill & Vonda O’Connor’s adoption of Hailey & Angelina

Posted by joelbyer on February 25, 2010

EMCA (our Christian school) closed down for a field trip day…and here we all are (well…many of us!) in a room waiting to surprise the O’Connor’s.

The judge recites a poem on adoption…

The judge comments on the crowd…somewhere between 50-60 showed up!

Both Bill & Vonda O’Connor were asked by the judge why they wanted to adopt Hailey & Angelina.

They both gave great answers!

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God is Working!

Posted by joelbyer on January 31, 2010

As you have probably deduced, this blog has not been too substantive for the last number of months. Facebook, other interests…etc…have contributed to this blog’s lack of content.

However, I just wanted to post and give God the glory for how He has been working in our church over the last few weeks. We have had some inspiring conversions, and some real victories won! It has been so encouraging to see an increase in attendance, more fervent prayer, and most of all…God doing some amazing things in people’s lives.

I can’t count how many times I have heard from others or directly experienced myself…God answering specific prayers. In a few moments, I am headed over to the church to pray with our church board…asking God to direct us and further His cause through our church. Great things are happening!

So…if you don’t have a church you attend, come join us! Some great things are taking place, and I am anticipating that this is not the end but the beginning!
To God be the Glory! It is HIS work and HIS church.

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Midwinter Youth Convention & Janessa’s 5th birthday

Posted by joelbyer on January 19, 2010

How’s that for combining themes? 🙂
Here are a few miscellaneous pix from the Mid-winter Youth Convention in Albany, NY, and the Party

Here is the group that went from Tunkhannock church…along with a few Green Grovians :-), and one or 2 others.

Janessa’s Birthday!

Jaylee does the dishes 🙂

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75th Anniversary Weekend

Posted by joelbyer on November 25, 2009

For any of my friends who don’t have Facebook, here are a few pictures this past week of our church’s 75th anniversary celebrations…
We had an anniversary supper Saturday evening and then a morning & afternoon service, Sunday.
I felt it went well and God was honoured.

Below: Our church board (1 was absent from the picture).
Below, below :-), EMCA teachers & staff

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School starts!

Posted by joelbyer on August 19, 2009

Hey kids…just a gentle reminder that SCHOOL STARTS>>>>TOMORROW for Jeffrey at least. 🙂

This year will be different in that our church has a Christian school. Keep the 27 students in your prayers!

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Surprise church going away part tonight!

Posted by joelbyer on July 15, 2009

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Where are we moving?

Posted by joelbyer on June 17, 2009

Well, glad you asked! Actually, no one has asked on this blog, but anyway… 🙂

For those of you on Facebook, you already know the news, but it occurred to me that I have not posted where we are moving on BBB.

In short, we are moving to Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania to pastor the Pilgrim Holiness Church there. This will mean pretty big change for our family! Church, country, denomination, schooling, you name it…so much is changing!
Why? Simply put…in response to God’s call.

Here is a simple web page of the church

Lord willing, we plan to move sometime around July 23…24…ish…

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Another day…another atheist…

Posted by joelbyer on May 30, 2009

OK, as some of you know, a while back I got into a debate with some atheists. It was never my intention to taunt or be inflammatory, but I DO like to think and discuss issues.

The following is a 20 point list in which a person gives for giving up his faith. He now feels “relief”… (Incidentally, many people who leave the CHM also use this or similar terms…which thus shows that that feeling is not in and of itself proof of a right decision.)

I don’t recommend this link for new Christians or young people. Also, I did not read the comments, so I don’t know about the language used. However, as mature Christians we should have answers to the big objections raised against our faith.

I would love to respond more indepth…point by point…and maybe I will some time, but for now, my overall response to all of this would be something like this. This person is attempting to define God by his narrow-minded definitions as shaped by pop culture. Since the Christian God of Biblical orthodoxy doesn’t fit today’s views of what God should be…he thus rejects God.

I almost hesitate to ask, but anyone who wishes to comment, may do so, so long as the language is clean and the tone respectful. Thanks in advance!

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Things I find hard to do…

Posted by joelbyer on December 20, 2008

…prepare for a Sunday morning message when I’m not sure if the weather will “permit” me to preach.

But, as my wife says…prepare anyway. 🙂

God is good. Bad weather or not!

Oh, and the image below is from some unknown blizzard, not a piece of prophecy or something…

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