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Person of the Year

Posted by joelbyer on December 15, 2010

Time names Facebook founder Zuckerberg 2010 Person of the Year – The Globe and Mail


One Response to “Person of the Year”

  1. Tim Miller said

    From Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (one of the two NPR shows worth listening to):

    SAGAL: That was a tweet from comedian John Hodgeman. He was reacting to Time Magazine’s 2010 Person of the Year. Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, creator of what?

    Ms. SUDLOW: Facebook.

    SAGAL: Yes.

    (Soundbite of bell)

    SAGAL: Five years, yes, Facebook.

    (Soundbite of applause)

    SAGAL: Five years after Facebook was founded, Time Magazine chose its founder as Man of the Year. They’ve taken some heat for being a little late on this.

    Mr. GROSZ: Well, the magazine is called Time.

    SAGAL: It’s true.

    (Soundbite of laughter)

    SAGAL: They wanted to let some go by.

    Ms. O’CONNOR: And it is a weekly.

    SAGAL: It didn’t help that this year’s runner up was Eli Whitney for his contributions to the field of Cotton ginning.

    Mr. GROSZ: Maybe they think it’s 2007 and people are still reading Time Magazine.

    SAGAL: It’s possible.

    Ms. O’CONNOR: Yeah.

    (Soundbite of booing)

    Mr. FELBER: Too soon.

    Ms. O’CONNOR: Too late.

    Mr. FELBER: Too soon.

    Mr. GROSZ: The flesh of journalism is still warm.

    SAGAL: Let’s be respectful.

    Mr. GROSZ: Yeah.

    SAGAL: In their tribute to Zuckerberg, Time points out that Facebook, if it were a country, would be the fourth largest country on earth. But of course, it would also be the most self-involved nation.

    (Soundbite of laughter)

    SAGAL: It’s primary products would be fake crops, fake mafia hits and a million metric tons a year of embarrassing photos.

    (Soundbite of laughter)

    Mr. GROSZ: And it would be a country that’s in a relationship with another country.

    SAGAL: It would be.

    (Soundbite of laughter)

    SAGAL: Oh, look, Facebook just poked China.

    (Soundbite of laughter)

    Mr. GROSZ: Somebody needs to.

    Mr. FELBER: I’m not going to comment on this, Peter, I’m just going to give you a thumbs up so I feel like I’m participating.

    SAGAL: There you are.

    Mr. FELBER: I like this segment. That’s as far as I’m going to go.


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