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Stirring thought from John Maxwell….

Posted by joelbyer on November 1, 2009

No one can connect with everybody. It doesn’t matter how hard you work at it. Though I strive to be an effective communicator, I know there are people I leave cold when I talk. That’s okay. But you can be sure that I will do everything in my power to keep them from falling asleep. The longer they stay engaged, the better the chance I have of winning them over. And the better the chance of adding value to them.


One Response to “Stirring thought from John Maxwell….”

  1. Cheryl said

    This statement is a very interesting thought. Over the years of having numerous pastors gracing our church, I have noticed that each one has their “niche” of who they are effective with. Some have been effective more broadly then others and some have a more narrow effectiveness. I believe their effectiveness has alot to do with the gifts God has granted to them, how they use the gifts and how the laymen support their pastor. I feel the laymen need to help their pastor in anyway that they can, so that we are one body working for the same cause of winning souls for Christ. I am thankful for our Pastor and how he uses his gifts for Christ and has been very effective in a broad sense of the word in a few month time. Thankyou Pastor Byer.

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