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Personal Update…

Posted by joelbyer on July 4, 2009

Well, well…
Looks like this blog has been way overdue to be updated. So much is going on right now, and things are a little chaotic, but it’s great to know that God’s hand is in the midst of it all.

Where do I begin?
The week before last, I went to Rock Lake Youth Camp, and then home for the weekend.

This past week, I was the youth speaker at the Mt. of Blessings Camp in PA. Matt Ellison is the Camp President there, and they have a great camp! They have great young people and TONS of kids. I left that camp early this morning to come home, but last night in the evening service….
There were 4 altar calls, numerous conversions, lots of people getting help and lots of Christians encouraged and rejoicing in the Lord. I just wish everyone could have been there!

On a sadder note, tomorrow is my last official Sunday to speak at Dawn Valley.
I started to prepare for the morning message…
…and didn’t really want to.
It’s painful to leave people you love! 😦
It’s been nearly 10 years…blessed years!
However, I’m trusting God to help. If you are reading this blog and don’t attend here, pray for our church tomorrow! The precious people of Dawn Valley will need encouragement, support, and your prayers.

So anyway, here are a few pictures taken recently…

Packing up Jaylee πŸ™‚


One Response to “Personal Update…”

  1. Andrew said

    I had no idea you guys were such big banana eaters!

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