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Pictoral post of our vacation

Posted by joelbyer on June 2, 2009

Putting the news of our transition on hold for a moment, take a moment and look at some of our vacation pix…

U: Janessa sips her Starbucks 🙂
L: Matt & Dorcas Hallam (my sister & hubby) their house they just bought is below

U: Jeffrey and Janessa at the Creation Museum south of Cincinnati, OH. Everyone should go!
L: My mother-in-law…who will kill me now that I’ve posted this. (It was pop.)

The following are pictures of Jeffrey’s graduation. He and his cousin Jeremy (Luke & Rachel Byer’s boy) graduated from kindergarten at a special service at my brother’s church.


2 Responses to “Pictoral post of our vacation”

  1. Jon Earls said

    I recognize that church! I spent a lot of time sleeping on those pews when I was a boy! 🙂

  2. Julie said

    Some great pictures!

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