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Another day…another atheist…

Posted by joelbyer on May 30, 2009

OK, as some of you know, a while back I got into a debate with some atheists. It was never my intention to taunt or be inflammatory, but I DO like to think and discuss issues.

The following is a 20 point list in which a person gives for giving up his faith. He now feels “relief”… (Incidentally, many people who leave the CHM also use this or similar terms…which thus shows that that feeling is not in and of itself proof of a right decision.)

I don’t recommend this link for new Christians or young people. Also, I did not read the comments, so I don’t know about the language used. However, as mature Christians we should have answers to the big objections raised against our faith.

I would love to respond more indepth…point by point…and maybe I will some time, but for now, my overall response to all of this would be something like this. This person is attempting to define God by his narrow-minded definitions as shaped by pop culture. Since the Christian God of Biblical orthodoxy doesn’t fit today’s views of what God should be…he thus rejects God.

I almost hesitate to ask, but anyone who wishes to comment, may do so, so long as the language is clean and the tone respectful. Thanks in advance!


3 Responses to “Another day…another atheist…”

  1. This person is attempting to define God by his narrow-minded definitions as shaped by pop culture.

    Things get shaped by pop culture because they’re popular. theBEattitude might not have rejected your god, but so what? And it’s insufficient to simply name “Christian orthodoxy”; there are as many versions of orthodoxy as there are sects.

    Having talked with religious people for quite a long time, I’m convinced that the supposedly “sophisticated” alternatives to the existential God at best treat scripture and practice as literary, wide open to purely subjective critique; at worst, they are vacuous nonsense, immune to criticism by saying nothing at all.

  2. subscribing

  3. Stefan said

    It looks as if they were 20 uneducated, bitter, reasons. If we had a God that fit into our framework and into post-modern culture He wouldn’t be a God.

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