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Political thought of the day…

Posted by joelbyer on May 17, 2009

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — President Obama directly confronted America’s deep divide over abortion on Sunday as he appealed to partisans on both sides to find ways to respect one another’s basic decency and even work together to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

OK, I get it. In the above quote from the NY Times, Obama wants to act like he is “above it all”, and only interested in bipartisanship. But if abortions are fine, why would anyone want to reduce the number of them? Despite the NY Times, liberal politicians and others denials, abortion is still not – nor ever will be – a purely amoral medical procedure.

It’s still murder. It is still a deeply abhorrent moral stain on Western Civilization.
Here is another quote…

“Maybe we won’t agree on abortion,” he told 2,900 graduating seniors, their relatives and professors, “but we can still agree that this is a heart-wrenching decision for any women to make, with both moral and spiritual dimensions.

Again, why the “heart-wrenching decision” with “moral and spiritual dimensions”? Does anyone talk like this after getting their appendix removed? It’s time to face the truth, and call abortion for what it really is…the selfish murder of innocent life.


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