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25 things about me…

Posted by joelbyer on February 12, 2009

Well, since everyone is doing this, and I’ve been tagged at least once, here goes.

  • 1) My supreme desire, my driving passion, my highest goal, my greatest joy…is to love the Lord my God with ALL of my heart, soul, mind and strength.
  • 2) Starting with my wife, then my children, and on to everyone else, I value relationships.
  • 3) There is a significant chasm between points 1-2 and 4-25. 🙂

  • 4) I hate apathy. Seriously. I’ll be patient if you fail or fall. But it disturbs me deeply when people don’t care or don’t try to do better and change.
  • 5)I love trying to do new things…sometimes too much. 🙂
  • 6) You call it corny humour…I call it too sophisticated for your mini-mind to understand. In other words, weird humour is cool. For instance… What’s brown and sticky? A stick. If a joke like that doesn’t make you laugh and howl for hours, you need counseling.
  • 7) I love fruitcake…and since we are on the subject, plum pudding. So sue me.
  • 8) Hockey rules. You think it doesn’t because you don’t know how to skate. Admit it.
  • 9) I have a nerdy/geeky side to me that sometimes I successfully suppress.
  • 10) I like exercising, and think it’s a crying shame that most people stop exercising once they leave high school.
  • 11) I have a shy streak.
  • 12) God has helped my overcome many insecurities I used to have.
  • 13) I really value transparency.
  • 14) I’m rabidly Canadian. I’m not sure that “rabid” is the best word, but that’s the one I’m using because….oh never mind, on to the next point.
  • 15) If a duck walked into a restaurant and started talking to me, I confess that I wouldn’t know what to say. See point 6.
  • 16) I read encyclopedias as a kid…frequently.
  • 17) I love word games as much as my wife hates them.
  • 18) I think holiness is beautiful.
  • 19)I have discovered that I like guitar…both acoustic and bass. See point 5.
  • 20) I hate being stuck in a rut, and grieve over the multitudes of people I’ve met who have never had the courage to make the transformative choices needed to change their lives.
  • 21) I never put sugar on my cereal. Never.
  • 22) I enjoy preaching…but only if I’m not preaching a boring sermon. I don’t enjoy listening to boring sermons, and I even less enjoy preaching one. Sometimes though…it happens.
  • 23)Paperwork, detailed planning, etc..are not my strength. I’m a big picture type of person.
  • 24) Sometimes I get too uptight and impatient about the little things in life, yet too relaxed and careless about the big things in life….God is helping me here.
  • 25) If I had the option of choosing any church to pastor, any wife to marry, any children to raise, any life to live…I would choose what I have, because Jesus has made my life worth living! There are always battles and problems to be sure…but I’m happy and content. (Phil. 4:11)

That’s it.
Oh and 26. I think that tagging 25 people is somewhat manipulative and/or tacky. Don’t you think so?

So…you’re not tagged, but what do you think?


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