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I love his attitude

Posted by joelbyer on February 5, 2009

Fired exec: ‘Starbucks saved my life’ –

From a lavish lifestyle to $10 an hour working at Starbucks.

And he seems content and happy.

“I still have trouble with some of the drinks,” he admits, “but I’m a
good cleaner…. I can make a toilet shine like a Ferrari.”

think there are some great lessons from this story. What would happen
if each one of us decided that no matter what happens, we will trust
God and accept what we cannot change? I’m not saying this man is a
Christian…there is no indication from the story that he was.

just that whenever we demand “our rights” and insist that life has to
turn out just so, we’re heading for disappointment and heartache.
The economy for 2009 isn’t looking great.
There are problems all around us.

Will you accept your lot in life and determine to serve God with a smile?
As with this man, maybe what you thought was totally lost could be redeemed.


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