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Obama breaking promises already?

Posted by joelbyer on February 3, 2009

NYT: Obama ethics reform faces test – The New York Times-

I think so.
Interestingly enough, this article comes from the NYT, which has all been but blatantly cheer leading Obama on. So, when THEY question the legitimacy of Obama’s commitment to carrying out campaign promises, I think that is significant. Consider this quote:

Every four or eight years a new president arrives in town, declares his
determination to cleanse a dirty process and invariably winds up trying
to reconcile the clear ideals of electioneering with the muddy business
of governing. Mr. Obama on his first day in office imposed perhaps the toughest
ethics rules of any president in modern times, and since then he and
his advisers have been trying to explain why they do not cover this
case or that case….. “This is a big problem for Obama, especially because it was such a
major, major promise,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “He harped on it,
time after time, and he created a sense of expectation around the
country. This is exactly why people are skeptical of politicians,
because change we can believe in is not the same thing as business as

Why can’t a president actually change the political climate in Washington? Remember, Bush promised to lesson the partisanship in 1999 and IMHO, significantly increased it.
I wonder if there are any lessons here about leadership? I’m sure there are many. Anyone want to give their opinion.


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