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Are we in a terrible recession?

Posted by joelbyer on January 31, 2009

My Way News – NBC sells out Super Bowl ads for record $206M


2 Responses to “Are we in a terrible recession?”

  1. Yeah, I hate the way the bloody media portrays our (making a global, cross-border reference there) current economic situation. Sure, things might be tighter than they were five to ten years ago, but have people so easily forgotten the ’70s/early ’80s? Unemployment at 13%, inflation near 13%, interest rates dancing around 20%….. (not sure what Canada was feeling at that point) Fuel prices have definitely been high (until recently), but at least the government didn’t start rationing it as they did in the Carter administration! Seriously, times aren’t nearly as bad as they have been in the past, and the news media needs to take a flying leap!

    Ah, I feel better…. 🙂

  2. joelbyer said

    You have some valid points, Allen

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