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Wayback Sunday…quartet days

Posted by joelbyer on January 18, 2009

OK, so that is a pathetically unoriginal copy of Jon Plank’s Wayback Wednesday. However, since BBB rarely looks into the past, let’s do so today. Here are a few pictures that I stole took from JP’s Facebook account.

Obviously, I had a religious conviction against sunglasses…or something

Bible Methodist Youth Camp, Tennesee

An extremely flattering portrait

Live and in concert with rival other Bible Colleges

How someone could be live and NOT in concert beat me. So why do we say this? On a much more serious note, I see that Brent Bigger is in this picture…5th from the right. Keep remembering him in your prayers!


One Response to “Wayback Sunday…quartet days”

  1. Esther said

    love the pic with the Canadian ducks. really shows your photogenic nature:)lol

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