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Serving God is all that Matters

Posted by joelbyer on December 30, 2008

OK folks, a serious post for once.

We had a great time at my mom’s place in Cincinnati. We got there on Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed Christmas together with all my brothers and sisters.
We 4 brothers played hockey on Saturday…just like the good old days! Um, except that in the good old days, I don’t recall my younger brothers being that good. 🙂
In Christmas reunions like this…only one thing really matters to me. Are all my brothers and sisters serving the Lord? To the best of my knowledge they all are.
Sunday morning we heard a great message from Rev. Dan Stetler at the Burlington Bible Methodist Church (of course he always preaches great, so that was a given 🙂 ).
Then Sunday evening I went to the little mission church where Matt Hallam (my brother-in-law) pastors. My younger brother Ezra spoke that night and likewise did a great job!

So, you can get excited that your brother is a doctor, your sister a Senator and your Uncle the President…not that those things are wrong.
BUT…give me family that is serving God, and everything else is minor details.


One Response to “Serving God is all that Matters”

  1. Julie said

    Praise the Lord! May the next generation do likewise!

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