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“I want another piece”

Posted by joelbyer on December 17, 2008

–  Janessa tonight asking for some more fruitcake.

Yes, my fellow Canadians, while others may mock, scoff, and jeer, here at BBB headquarters, fruitcake is held in high esteem.

I HEART Fruitcake.

Click here for fruitcake recipies.

Click here to buy fruitcake for me.

Leave a comment in this blog if you wish to send me some. All fruitcake gladly accepted.


4 Responses to ““I want another piece””

  1. esther b. said

    Oh definately:):) Wouldn’t be Christmas without some in the freezer:)

  2. Jonathan L said

    No thanks!

  3. Mother-in-law said

    I DO wish to send you some! I’m all ready to place an order with Collin Street Bakery for their most reasonable fruitcake. The total without shipping is $22.85. And if you would like 12 ounces of whole bean coffee included the total would be $31.85. And for a little more it comes in a Christmas tree gift box. All I need is your credit card number. And what shall I use for the shipping address? WHAT? You want it sent to ME! How unlike you!!!!Merry Christmas

  4. Carrie said

    My Canadian, yes Canadian, mother-in-law makes fruitcake. Knowing that she will never read your blog gives me the liberty to say, “I hate fruitcake.” Not JUST her fruitcake, ALL fruitcake.

    I hope no one tells her I said that and you can have my piece.

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