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Prince Caspian DVD

Posted by joelbyer on December 5, 2008

So anyway, the other day I got the new Prince Caspian DVD.

(For those of you who don’t know, the Prince Caspian DVD is based on the second book by CS Lewis in the Chronicles of Narnia series.)
The Chronicles of Narnia 7 books series have long been my one of my favorite book series, so I was eager to see the film version of these books.

I was disappointed.

This movie had way too much warfare, and the tone was too dark and sinister. Typically, Hollywood (as is the case with so many industries) is stuck in a rut and thinks that the way to appeal to the masses is to “spice up” the story with lots of fighting action and some romance. Romance? In Prince Caspian?
Anyway, the delightful, childlike imaginative story of the book is replaced with a Lord of the Rings type action movie.

Peter, Edmond, Susan, and Lucy were good at acting, but Prince Caspian was too Hollywoodish, superstar-like to fit this CS Lewis story.

Read the book, instead 😉

8 Responses to “Prince Caspian DVD”

  1. Angie Davis said

    Oh dear! We enjoyed the first Narnia video, and had planned to buy that one too. Thanks for the warning–I think we’ll get some more Odyssey instead…

  2. Interesting…we just watched it as a family last night. It has been about 25 years since I read the books. I always wonder what they will highlight in a book they dramatize.

    By the have to love Reapacheap!

  3. Julia said

    I have never read the books….. shame on me, I know. I really really loved the first Narnia video. I actually really enjoyed Prince Caspian as well.

  4. Carrie said

    My boys liked it (of course, they’re at “that age”). I felt the first Narnia movie wasn’t as true to the book as it could’ve been, so I didn’t expect anything different for the second. My low expectations kept me from being too disappointed. Plus, I’d read on the FOF website that it was quite a bit more violent/dark than the book, so nothing really surprised me.

  5. joelbyer said

    Yes, Reepicheep is definitely good!
    Angie, I don’t mean to say that the DVD is so bad you shouldn’t buy. If I were you, I would.

    I actually liked Lord of the Rings…however…in keeping Prince Caspian with the story of the BOOKS of Narnia…I was disappointed.
    Perhaps it’s not unlike films about Jesus. The actor portraying Jesus will invariably be somewhat different than our concept of God.

  6. Rachel Shetterly said

    Our concept of God? Do we all have the same one?! Mine has changed in the last year, and I do believe it is a far better concept than I ever have had before. I have no desire to put Him back in the little box my mind had for Him… Now you have me curious to watch the movie and see what concept of God is portrayed!

  7. Well, if the movie is “lamer” than the book, then I probably won’t even waste my time (even though out of the principle of being a self-proclaimed movie critic, I probably should). I love The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, I have read the book, listened to it many times, went to see it multiple times when it was in theaters (go ahead and condemn me to Hell now), and I have even watched it several times times since it’s been out on DVD. But after the first book the entire series goes downhill, in my opinion.

  8. Joseph said

    Yes it wasn’t very true to the book. Although it ranks better than most of the films that are filmed today. The extra tension between High King Peter and King Caspian added an interesting twist, as did the attack on the Telmarians. It did change the over all meaning of what I believe C.S. Lewis intended. In the book it was power of Aslan that won the day, rather than the strong arm of one of his followers. The change may be due largely to the humanistic soceity in which we live.

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