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Japheth & Alisha Nell’s wedding

Posted by joelbyer on December 1, 2008


Unfortunately, we did not get nearly the amount of pictures from my cousin’s wedding (Japheth Nell) this last Saturday that I would have liked to. But here…ladies and gentlemen…is one measly picture of the groom, the best men, the lesser men, and the Rev. waiting for the bride…um. actually that would be Japheth waiting for the bride while the others twiddled their thumbs and tried to stand around looking important.

L-R: Japheth Nell (my cousin), Brandon Byler (pastor & brother of bride), Jarrod Nell (best man and my cousin), Titus Byer (my brother), Jarron Byler (brother of bride), Brendan Hock (another cousin).

No picture of the bride…sorry…I had one but it turned out terribly dark…so sue me.

Update: Here are a few pictures from Jaletta Nell’s Facebook …


One Response to “Japheth & Alisha Nell’s wedding”

  1. Carrie said

    Hey, I didn’t know you were related to Brendan Hock. He used to attend our church before he took his internship.

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