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BBB’s massive picture post

Posted by joelbyer on November 30, 2008

It’s Sunday night.

Service is cancelled due to the inclement weather, and so I thought I’d post some pictures from last week.

Also, “inclement” is a word this blog very seldom gets to employ. You all should feel privileged.

On Tuesday (Nov. 25th) we travelled to Lake Placid, NY to celebrate US Thanksgiving with the Jen’s father’s side of the family. Thursday evening, we then travelled down to PA to celebrate Christmas with Jen’s parents.
Saturday we went to Japheth Nell’s wedding, and got home early this morning! (Nov. 30th)

So here goes folks…if you want to see more pictures of the family click here for my Facebook album.

turkey-holding is just serious business

Grandpa Bubb, Ben Orvis, Stefan Paulus, Steve Bubb Jr in Lake Placid, NY

Occasionally BBB manages to catch the perfect person at his best. This happened in Lake Placid in the life of Ben Orvis. BBB staff has struggled to describe the look on his face.

The Marshall Family – Jen’s aunt & uncle

Jen took this picture from the side…believing this was the best angle to take a family portrait.

It wasn’t.

Playing ping-pong while pregnant!

(My wife will kill me for that caption, but it is worth it because it is incredibly alliterated.)

An aerial view of the great feast of ’08. Obviously, not all family  are on here.

Grandpa Bubb with all or almost all of the great-grandchildren. Grandpa had just celebrated his 80th birthday on the 19th, and all of the great-grandchildren came out with balloons singing happy birthday. Pretty cool stuff!

Steve & Debbie Bubb family
L-R: Joel, Jeffrey, Jen, Janessa Byer, Paul & Angie Kopp, Steve Bubb Jr., Mom Bubb, Brendan & Zachery Paulus, Dad Bubb, Stefanie & Stefan Paulus, Kari & Ben Orvis

celebrating Christmas at Jen’s parents’ place…the kids anxiously await!

Reflecting on the meaning of Christmas…or something similarly serious

OK, I’m done…aren’t you relieved?

One Response to “BBB’s massive picture post”

  1. Julie said

    Stephanie looks especially thoughtful in the last picture. 😉

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