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Experience of the day

Posted by joelbyer on November 17, 2008

So anyway, this morning I had to go to Sarnia for jury duty. I figured there would be a few other people called, but when I went to the court house there must have been 300? 400? 500? or so there.

So anyway, we all had to be there at 9AM, and the official whittling down of the prospective jurors didn’t begin until around 10AM.  Why they couldn’t have just called everyone in at 10…I’ll never know, but…

So anyway, the first stage of the process was having anyone stand who couldn’t be there for the next 3 or so days during the time of the trial. That left about…OH 100-150. Then out of the rest 12 jurors and 1 alternate was chosen. No, I wasn’t chosen and I was rather thankful. It was a se x ual assault case, and I would just have soon not heard all the details, BUT I was also determined to be willing to do my responsibilities if so required.

So anyway, this is the 4th paragraph starting with so anyway.

So anyway, that…ladies and gentlemen…was the experience of today.

One Response to “Experience of the day”

  1. DonInChilly said

    Matthew 22:14 = “Many are called, but few are chosen”!!!!!

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