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Blog theme update

Posted by joelbyer on November 17, 2008

Yeah, since I’ve put up the outdoor Christmas lights and my wife has put up the tree…well, time to change BBB.

Unlike this blogger however, I’ve managed to keep my links. (Chuckles smugly…in Christian love of course.)

4 Responses to “Blog theme update”

  1. esther b. said

    the way blogger works, is that every time you change the background, you loose everything. So, whenever I change my background, I loose everything also.

  2. Smug chuckles do not sound very Christlike… >;)

    Actually, with the lady whose awesome templates I’m now using, it will save ONE links list. Unfortunately, the one containing links to our church and school was the first one I put on the blog, so that’s the one it preserved. (That one only had THREE links…groan…)

  3. joelbyer said

    Change to wordpress people!

    This is change you can believe in!

    Yes we can!

  4. Carrie said

    Dear Angela has nothing better to do than re-enter her gargantuan links list every 8 weeks or so. Don’t deny her that amusement.

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