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Another day, another debate…

Posted by joelbyer on November 11, 2008

There is a debate going on about a recent article by Keith Drury. Read the article, then read the responses…including my own.

First of all, I don’t enjoy reading criticism about things that I believe in. Who does? But the KEY is…how do we respond? Is there any merit to the criticism? Could it be that there is something we could improve on?

For the record, I am a Christian who unapologetically belongs to the Conservative Holiness Movement. Frankly, the longer I live, the more I am convinced that this overall interpretation of Scripture is the best I’ve found.

But on the other hand, we desperately need to hear crtiques from outside our circles. Otherwise…we’ll just become a bunch of self-congratulating, back slapping people who become incredibly short-sighted and out of balence. Let me know what you think…and one person already has… (see comment under my $1.84 post)


2 Responses to “Another day, another debate…”

  1. Rev. Justin J. Nierer said

    My wife’s parents used to attend a Bible Methodist church in Vandercook Michigan, so I am some what knowledgable about you guys.

    I consider myself a strong conservative. Surprisingly enough, I never thought I’d be “that guy.” But the more and more I study the Word of God, the more time I take to really focus on and reflect on what God is trying to communicate to us, the more conservative my leadership and my preaching becomes.

    Be encouraged. We (Conservatives) are out there….right now we might be overlooked by post-modern stupidity…but we are out there.

  2. Rev. Justin J. Nierer said

    By the way, on Drury’s blog I am Schuyler Ave Wesleyan. I responded to your post as best I could.

    I wanted to encourage you but I dont think it came across that way and I apologize for that. I think your stance is right on the money and not something you should ever back away from.

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