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Where did my family go/grow?

Posted by joelbyer on May 14, 2008

Years ago, when I was the oldest of my siblings…OK, I still am, but anyway…my young brothers and sisters were just little kids who did little kid things. Play with toys, fight, get on my nerves, etc. Now, they’re all growing up and most of them are smarter, nicer, and better than I am. 🙂

Case in point. This weekend our family is making a quick trip to Cincinnati for Titus & Cherie’s graduation from GBS. My brother Ezra is having a birthday too…evidently they already celebrated it, probably because of Titus and Cherie’s bash this Saturday. See baby sister’s link & pics here.

I think I’ll go order my false teeth & cane now.


One Response to “Where did my family go/grow?”

  1. Esther said

    I love the wisdom from Janessa thing!!!

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