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Have you read this, Jon Krohn?

Posted by joelbyer on April 30, 2008

New poll finds Montreal Canadiens considered Canada’s hockey team – Yahoo! Canada News


4 Responses to “Have you read this, Jon Krohn?”

  1. Esther said

    Excuse me!!! Senators are WAY better. They’re also from our capital, so you should show some patrioticness LOL!

  2. Julie said

    So sad to see this vote for Montreal. As a non-hockey lover, I will always be a “fan” of the Maple Leafs. My loyalty is unswerving. You will not convince me to change my mind — especially since I do not care one iota about professional hockey. Ah, yes. I’m the kind of fan to have.

  3. joelbyer said

    I’ve been a Habs fan since I was a young teen in Quebec. I’m more loyal than…um…than a very loyal thing!
    That settles it. 🙂

  4. Esther said

    Wow, aren’t we intelligent

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