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Kari does terrible; humiliates family

Posted by joelbyer on March 25, 2008

Yes folks, Jen and I were at her sister Kari’s recital tonight. She played the piano, sang, and even did an encore on her violin. I wish I could say she did a great job, but that would be an exaggeration to say the least.

Kari started out pretty well with her first number, but then unfortunately due to her extreme nerves, she broke down halfway through her second song, and started sobbing. Needless to say, we in the audience didn’t know what to do and just sat there in frozen silence. Kari continued crying for a few minutes, and then got mad that no one came up to comfort her. With a primordial scream she got up took a music stand and began smashing it against the piano. All attempts to restrain her proved useless. Finally (after lighting the drapes on fire, throwing things at the audience, and demolishing her violin) she calmed down enough to be escorted to the Mifflinburg Psychiatric Ward.

Well, actually folks, the above tall tale is what she probably feared would happen, but in all seriousness, she did a GREAT JOB! I’ll see if I can post pictures and perhaps even video later.


One Response to “Kari does terrible; humiliates family”

  1. Darvin Donahey said

    I was thinking that this report sure don’t sound like another report I heard about the recital. Glad you added those last couple lines!

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