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Is he?

Posted by joelbyer on March 22, 2008 – Is Bush the worst U.S. president ever?

If by greatness you define getting one’s agenda passed and influencing the country to your viewpoint (which is an important part of leadership, let’s face it.), then quick tell me…what important thing has he successfully done?

I am a firm political conservative, while this article is unabashedly liberal. (OK, “bashedly” liberal!)
But he has a point.

By purely leadership standards…the only one worse in the past half century at least – in my humble opinion – was Jimmy Carter.


3 Responses to “Is he?”

  1. Jon said

    I admit, when he stopped caring about his presidency, so did I.

  2. joelbyer said

    Interesting point.

    I’m firmly pro-life, pro-family and all of that, so I would never vote for a pro-choice Democrat…even over a weak Bush, just to be clear. I would also far rather have an ineffective Bush over an effective Clinton.
    However, when you measure by the rule of leadership, inspiration, and advancing agenda…this has been lacking terribly.

  3. David said

    I will disagree, As a president he has, taken a nation to war and in the process has rewritten how we view our homeland security and our personal freedoms. He has run over many of our personal rights in the name of security. He also has splintered the political field into a polarized sewer. While I disagree with a lot of what he has done. (Stand on Palestine, China and Sudan) He has not been a lame duck president. In a way I wish that he was. It goes to show how much a damage a leader can do if he only professes religion just to receive more votes. He lost me during his first year when he put on ceremonial robes and prayed to Buddha to appease the nation of India/Pakistan. (1st president to actually pray to another god for the sake of foreign policy) (RANT OVER)

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