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A Cold

Posted by joelbyer on March 14, 2008

tis’ what I’ve had the last few days.

Comments of sympathy, empathy, or whatnot may be posted below.


4 Responses to “A Cold”

  1. Chris H. said

    Joel, my deepest sympathy goes out to you … there is nothing worse than having to teach Sunday, and preach twice on a Sunday when you …
    1) have a sore throat so that your voice either gives out or creaks or does something else weird 2/3rds of the way through the message,
    2) have a stuffy nose that causes some words to come out in a southern twang when you are preaching up north, eh!
    3) have a runny nose, that must be wiped or sniffed constantly to avoid drippage on your notes
    4) have a coughing fit, and that gets more amens than any other point in your sermon during the last year.

    Anyway my deepest sympathy goes out to you … I feel your pain.

    There, do you feel better now?

  2. Chris H. said

    oops … first line should say “teach Sunday SCHOOL”

  3. joelbyer said

    Why thank you, Reverend Hilling 🙂

    Oh, and that chess game thing was pretty unique! I’m guessing it was take a whole different type of strategy, wouldn’t it?

  4. Chris H. said

    Yes, it would take a few games to get used to it!

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