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BBB suffering under criticism

Posted by joelbyer on February 7, 2008

Yes folks, just like any political campaign, sometimes a blog will have to weather a storm.
For instance, last night my wife suggested that my blog was a little boring because I have not posted family pictures on it for a while.
This of course is preposterous. Why would anyone want to look at pictures, when you have my expert commentary on the news?!
Where would Eisenhower have been on D-day if he had stopped his planning and posted pictures on his blog?
What if Lincoln had spent the evening posting pictures on his blog instead of going to Ford Theatre?
OK, so that last point might have been a little weak, and might not fully support my case, but that’s beside the point.

The point is…the staff here at BBB are lazy. It’s so much easier to post insane drivel than it is to actually take a picture, resize it, and post it on my blog.

Undeterred, BBB presses on to the depths of journalistic incompetence.

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5 Responses to “BBB suffering under criticism”

  1. Chris H. said


    I feel your pain. My wife actually wants me to take a break from political postings. I caved in under her pressure and posted some pictures and a recipe for her yesterday. The results?? The number of visitors to our blog plummeted by nearly 20 people. The comments dwindled from about 15 the previous couple days down to 3. Obviously politics and expert commentary win out over recipes and pictures any day, eh? LOL

  2. Joel Byer said

    Thanks for the encouragement to stick to my principles 🙂

    I actually read your blog on bloglines, so it may not show up as a hit on your site. Bloglines is a great way to quickly scan multiple blogs to see if there are any updates.

  3. Um, yes, you definitely need to post pictures! And the giant groundhog doesn’t count.

  4. Neither does the picture of your nose at the top…

  5. Chris H. said

    Joel, I use bloglines too … it saves alot of time!

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