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News You can Use

Posted by joelbyer on January 26, 2008

  This is really cool news of the day. Apparently, Lithuania is considering changing its name because it’s too unfamiliar with English tourists.
Marketing Lithuania: How about name change? –

Here are some ideas that come to mind.
Coca-cola (what advertising revenue this would generate!)

Oz – Short, too the point, and would obviously be attractive to English-speaking people named Dorothy.

United States – this could potentially solve or greatly reduce the problem of illegal immigration due to many border crossers winding up there by mistake (“hey, you just said to drive you to United States, you didn’t specify which one”)

Screaming Fireball – while admittedly a little unorthodox, according to this article, a commission led by the prime minister approved a marketing concept that says the country should “promote itself as daring”. It would also be extremely cool…er hot…to be known as a native Fireballian.
Certainly, whenever I think of Lithuania, tears come to my eyes immediately as I think about many heroic exploits Lithuanians have done over the centuries.

Think about it. Would YOU even be here today if it weren’t for Lithuania? See? I thought so.

Any other suggestions?
Maybe we should rename Canada while we’re at it.

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3 Responses to “News You can Use”

  1. Joseph said

    Why not rename it Byerland?

  2. Carol said

    Very funny Joel!!! I enjoy your humor!!!

  3. You could always call the land up north: Francada.

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