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A Black Prime Minister

Posted by joelbyer on January 10, 2008

Barack Obama’s candidacy in the US raises questions if Canada could elect a black PM. | columnists | Can a black man become our PM?

Canada does have a significant difference in minority status for blacks than does the US.
From the Toronto Star…

“African Americans, at 13 per cent of the population (38 million), are
one of two major minorities (Hispanics at 42 million being the other).
But African Canadians, at 2.2 per cent (662,000) are one of many

They do, however, form the third-largest visible
minority, after the Chinese (1.02 million) and South Asians (917,000),
well ahead of the Filipinos, Arabs, Latin Americans, etc. – most of
them immigrants.

Canada’s population is a little over 30 million.

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