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Family update and worms

Posted by joelbyer on December 29, 2007

  So…things are fairly low key here in PA today. I’m supposed to teach Sunday School for the youth class at Milmont tomorrow, so I have some preparation there to do. We are basically just chillin’.

We’re staying here at Jen’s folks ’til Tuesday morning, then we will be heading to Cincinatti for a quick couple of days of Christmas with my side of the family as well as getting to see my new nephew Caleb! Speaking of…my sister Dorcas is doing better. Keep praying for her!

And last and least…one of the great things about Jen’s family is worms. I suppose that sounds a mite strange, but a few years ago we used to play fierce, emotinally charged rounds of a computer game called incredibly intellectual affair in which each team’s worm, would shoot, blast, bomb, sheep strike, worms on said opponents’ team. This year, the competition went to a whole new level as I brought along my new projector. So now we shoot, blast, bomb, sheep strike each other on a big wall screen.

Yeah, we’re weird.


5 Responses to “Family update and worms”

  1. Cambrian said

    How Sweet. What a nice family.

  2. Cambrian said

    Yes, worms are most distressful.

  3. marie said

    I wonder if its ethical for squirrels to eat worms.

  4. Pamela Crowder said

    greetings Hope you had a great Christmas. Well I hope Dorcas is okay and the baby. Well Happy New Year.

  5. joelbyer said

    Dearest Cambrian…
    You are mispelling your site.

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