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Posted by joelbyer on December 23, 2007

img_5324sm.jpg We just had an amazing Christmas program this morning. I’ve been on Cloud 9 ever since! A few months ago we started a junior church program. The first few Sundays were flat…basically no new kids. Then on the 3rd Sunday we had a real breakthrough with almost 20 or so newer people. Since then, we’ve regularly

Well, this morning we had another big breakthrough. I don’t know the exact number of new people and newer people, but we had at least in the 80’s maybe even approaching 90 people. (I’ll see if I can get a more accurate number later) Someone counted around 15 people who had never been in our church before. The church was pretty full even without the kids and young people from the program!

But here is perhaps the neatest thing about it. I can’t really take much credit! Obviously, all glory belongs to God, but when it come to human efforts, it has been our young people and children who have caught the vision and have done an outstanding job reaching out to kids and their parents and grandparents.

Amber spent many hours working on the costumes, Sam and Maria helped pick up kids and designing the cool stable pictured above, Cherub and Margaret have been directing the Christmas program, Annette did a great job on her offertory, and our kids have been bringing other kids to church.

As for me? I’m cheerin’ em on! (And of course doing whatever I can to fan the flame and work together .)

Another great thing about this whole service is that we had a great turnout in spite of the fact that we had a big snowstorm last week and had to cancel service. God of course, wasn’t taken by surprise!

img_5325sm.jpgThe parking lot was jammed!

One Response to “Amazing/Estatic/Again!”

  1. Blake Jones said

    Bro. Joel,

    What a fantastic report of the program! I am thrilled!

    God bless you.

    Your friend,
    B. Jones

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