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Misc. blatherings

Posted by joelbyer on December 6, 2007

1) Our family went to the Pastor’s Christmas Supper Tuesday evening. It was great! We had a room with a hot tub in it. It was small swimming pool for the kids 🙂

2) I have a cold. My voice was froggier than Kermit last night for Prayer Meeting. It’s hard to sound spiritual and authoritative when one’s voice sounds…um…froggy…or did I just say that.

3) We got some neat church Christmas stuff coming up. Christmas Supper on Dec. 14th. Kids Christmas program for the 16th. Caroling in the evening, then a special relaxed, informal time on Sunday evening on the 23rd.

4)  blah blah….

One Response to “Misc. blatherings”

  1. Esther said

    why are all christmas programs on the 16th?

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