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Posted by joelbyer on December 6, 2007

…the state I’m in currently because I’ve just been realizing how many other places have snow and we have only 2.5 flakes per square acre.

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4 Responses to “Depression…”

  1. Esther said

    We have only 1.3 flakes per square mile! Jesse called yesterday and said Timmins had two feet though!

  2. =^..^= said

    You are more than welcome to our 4″ here in upstate NY. It is snowing right now. I’m STILL trying to figure out why I ever moved back from
    Arizona, Texas and Florida !!! :+)

  3. Judith Atnip said

    We will give you all you can take! We had 10 or 12 inches one weekend, then a little later maybe 18 inches! We live up a steep hill or actually it is a foot hill of larger mountains, and it can be interesting!
    Judith Atnip

  4. Judith Atnip said

    PS We are from Wyoming.

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