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What all bloggers should do

Posted by joelbyer on November 27, 2007

Ever notice how many blogs of friends and other noteworthy people there are out in the big wide world? I use bloglines, which is a program that lists (for me) 44 blogs and tells me when each one is updated. There are a number of programs that do this, but if you have a bunch of different blogs, this is the way to go.
Just remember that if you use this service, do me a favour and send in $10 by mail to cover the cost of this free public service announcement.


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One Response to “What all bloggers should do”

  1. Chris H. said


    I started using bloglines a few weeks ago … it really is great. That way I don’t have to click on your link from my blog 10 times a day, only to be disappointed that there was no update! LOL Just wondering, do I get a pastor’s discount, or do you expect the entire $10? And do I have to throw in a few pennies too, for the rate of exchange?

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