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Back from Black Friday

Posted by joelbyer on November 23, 2007

Left our place (in Canada) just before 2AM.

We’re back home…a little weary…but it’s fun!

I even persuaded my wife to go with me this year.

Yes, believe it or not, I probably like to shop more than my wife.

We got most of what we wanted…although I didn’t get the Microsoft Zune I was hoping to get. Crying or Very sad

But check out this story. I was in line at Toys R Us, and there was
this guy that came up to a few people in front of me and chatted for a
while. I found out after he left that he had gone to Best Buy last
night at 11PM…camped out for a lap top. In the morning at 3AM they
passed out tickets for the first ones in line…and ran out before they
got to him, so he just left.

All night for nothing. Isn’t shopping great!!!!

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4 Responses to “Back from Black Friday”

  1. Jon Earls said

    Keep your eyes on Not long ago they had the Zune for $79. They’ve listed the Zune several times, I’m hoping to catch the $79 brown Zune soon…

  2. Jon Earls said


    I just read my previous comment and realized that I had not said Zune enough times… 🙂

  3. joelbyer said

    …ahh…thanks! I’ll be sure to beat you to it 🙂

  4. I dont think I would like to get up at 2 am and camp out. The shopping would be fun with the deals though.

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