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Throwing sheep

Posted by joelbyer on November 16, 2007

   Thanks to Facebook, I can honestly say that in the last couple of weeks I have thrown more sheep at people than all of my previous days put together. What is it about Facebook that compels people to throw mashed potatoes, turkeys, sheep, and other related paraphernalia at people?  Take Jon Plank for instance. I traveled with him in quartet, and I’m sure we ate many meals together, yet never once did he suddenly pick up his plate and hurl mashed potatoes at me…until now.

I probably need to talk to a psychiatrist about this.  Maybe my great-great-great-grandfather ate too much mutton.

Well, time to go throw leaves at Matt Hallam.

One Response to “Throwing sheep”

  1. Jon said

    I threw a yam the other day. I rather enjoyed it.

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