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Posted by joelbyer on October 26, 2007

1) My mother-in-law has left a comment!!!!!!! This may be a first for her. I should have guessed that when it comes to germs, she would comment. Wow. Thanks mom 🙂 (Oh yeah, and just to clarify, when it comes to germs, she’s against them.)

2)  The Canadian dollar closed today at $1.0394. Yeah, we’re more valuable than Americans now…

3)…which is good considering that we are going down to the Pastoral Leadership Convention at GBS next week.

4) FEMA does another one.

5)  I’m in the process of switching my e-mail address over, and I’m getting confused. Believe it or not, I have e-mail programs (Outlook Express and Mozzilla Thunderbird)…on the one I can send out e-mails but not receive them, while on the other I can receive but not send.  Anyway, please update your address book with my new e-mail (replace the AT with @ of course).

6) Pray for our new junior church! I passed out a bunch of animal balloons the other day. I can now twist a balloon that looks vaguely like a deformed giraffe.


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