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Cap guns

Posted by joelbyer on October 23, 2007

  Yes, there is a time in every young boy’s life when they need to have a cap gun. Jeffrey got a cap gun the other day as a quiet seat prize in Junior Church, and yesterday I got some rolls of those cap gun thingies for his gun at Walmart.

Sister was not impressed.

I was however, because all boys should be allowed to have noisy things. So for all you moms out there who read this blog and are a little nervous about having your son do dangerous/noisy/risky/etc things….let them (to a point of course). Don’t conform your son to your femininity (which is also equally valuable and vitally important, by the way).  Do you really want your boy to grow up soft and feminine? In a culture that seeks to mark masculinity as inferior, we need to counterbalance this by embracing…uh…cap guns.

Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree. This issue has been a hobby horse of mine recently, so I thought I’d blog about it.


7 Responses to “Cap guns”

  1. Beth Stetler said


  2. Dad said

    I agree with you 100% keep up the great job.Oh yes don’t forget to get his sister a pocketbook.


  3. Ruth said

    Good point. Just remember to train him to use it appropriately. Remember he’s a man in training, and when he’s playing, he’s practicing for real manhood. What am I trying to get at? Well, for one thing, don’t let him point it at his sister OR his sister’s doll! Sorry–I think–but I have a couple of “hobby horses,” too!

  4. Yes, we have guns and swords and crossbows and all sorts of things around here, but they’re only for killing “wild things” and siblings don’t count. I’m a wee bit neurotic and so the weaponry is hard for me, but I’ve also spotted mine wearing high heels and carrying my purse and we don’t want THAT to stick, do we?

  5. joelbyer said

    Thanks for the feedback, everybody! Where are all the naysayers?
    Oh well, just when one tries to be controversial :-)…

  6. Carrie said

    Since when are cap guns risky and dangerous? Let me think this through: Inhaling the sulfuric smell of the “snapped” caps? Possibly deafening a sister? Ok, whatever. I believe it is much more risky and dangerous to run with scissors. You can’t poke your eye out with a cap gun, that’s for sure.

  7. dillon said

    cap guns are great fun only yesterday my son was bored so i took him out to by some bb’s from a local store and converted it into a bb gun for him, and he loves it. but i must say that before i did this i told him if he shot anyone with it he would be punished he responded well and its a lesson for later life some people think replica guns teach children to be irisponsable with firearms in later life but the gun isnt the danger the person behind it is whereever you are you will see wepons on games films etc so to show them that been responsible is also fun is a great example to give a child

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