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Where I am; What I’m doing

Posted by joelbyer on October 30, 2007

I’m currently in the GBS library taking advantage of high speed wireless! Tonight, GBS starts their pastoral leadership convention (Click here for pdf file).

Yesterday we travelled down to GBS and spend some time with my family. Servics (classes? seminar? whatever) starts tonight featuring H.B. London as speaker. I’m looking forward to being challenged, convicted, and changed.


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Posted by joelbyer on October 28, 2007

This morning for Sunday School, junior church, and main service we had 21 visitors (7 adults, 14 kids)! At least 10 came for the very first time.

Now to a larger church, this might not seem like much, but to us, this just hasn’t happened since I’ve been here. Cherub and Margaret (a couple of our young people) are doing a fantastic job with the kids, and it’s been pretty exciting to see what’s happening. So pray for us! I simply want people to find Jesus.

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Posted by joelbyer on October 28, 2007

This is probably the first time I’ve used this word for a blog title, but just wait until you hear what happened in junior church this morning.

AND, God really helped us in the main service this morning.

Stay tuned for further details ๐Ÿ™‚

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Last person in world joins Facebook

Posted by joelbyer on October 27, 2007

At least that’s how I feel having seen who all is on there! Wow. What rock was I hiding under?
So, anyway, now I’m an official member of Facebook. However, according to Facebook, I only have 4 friends. I was hoping there were a few more than that, but of course, they should know.

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Random tidbits…

Posted by joelbyer on October 26, 2007

1) My mother-in-law has left a comment!!!!!!! This may be a first for her. I should have guessed that when it comes to germs, she would comment. Wow. Thanks mom ๐Ÿ™‚ (Oh yeah, and just to clarify, when it comes to germs, she’s against them.)

2)ย  The Canadian dollar closed today at $1.0394. Yeah, we’re more valuable than Americans now…

3)…which is good considering that we are going down to the Pastoral Leadership Convention at GBS next week.

4) FEMA does another one.

5)ย  I’m in the process of switching my e-mail address over, and I’m getting confused. Believe it or not, I have e-mail programs (Outlook Express and Mozzilla Thunderbird)…on the one I can send out e-mails but not receive them, while on the other I can receive but not send.ย  Anyway, please update your address book with my new e-mail (replace the AT with @ of course).

6) Pray for our new junior church! I passed out a bunch of animal balloons the other day. I can now twist a balloon that looks vaguely like a deformed giraffe.

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Don’t let my wife or mother-in-law read this article!

Posted by joelbyer on October 25, 2007

Soap up! The 12 germiest places in your life – Health –

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Mechanical work

Posted by joelbyer on October 24, 2007

Yesterday, I – yes I, your well-beloved BBB baron of blogdom – did mechanical work on my car.

What kind of mechanical work you ask? Well, I (…blushes modestly…) changed the brake pads and rotors on my 96

Pontiac Sunfire. For some of you who grew up on a diet of grease, bearings, and valves, this might not seem to be a biggie, but for me it was.

For many years I knew basically zilch, zero, nada, about mechanical work. It’s actually been almost a kind of inferiority

complex with me, because I’ve never felt naturally gifted in this area. Now, I regularly change oil, recently changed the transmission filter, have done spark plugs, andย  a few other minor things. Impressed anyone? :-).

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Cap guns

Posted by joelbyer on October 23, 2007

ย  Yes, there is a time in every young boy’s life when they need to have a cap gun. Jeffrey got a cap gun the other day as a quiet seat prize in Junior Church, and yesterday I got some rolls of those cap gun thingies for his gun at Walmart.

Sister was not impressed.

I was however, because all boys should be allowed to have noisy things. So for all you moms out there who read this blog and are a little nervous about having your son do dangerous/noisy/risky/etc things….let them (to a point of course). Don’t conform your son to your femininity (which is also equally valuable and vitally important, by the way).ย  Do you really want your boy to grow up soft and feminine? In a culture that seeks to mark masculinity as inferior, we need to counterbalance this by embracing…uh…cap guns.

Feel free to comment if you agree or disagree. This issue has been a hobby horse of mine recently, so I thought I’d blog about it.

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Clever Criminal

Posted by joelbyer on October 21, 2007

Old man accused of stealing gas โ€” regularly – Criminal Peculiarity –

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Animal Balloons

Posted by joelbyer on October 20, 2007

Yes, along with juggling and stilt-walking, I now can add animal balloons to my resume. I’ve learned to make the classic dog as well as an animal that vaguely resembles a giraffe. I’m going to try to incorporate this into reaching out to kids for junior church. Today, and the other day, I passed out bunches of bags of candy and invitations to kids in Wallaceburg.

Well, in a couple of minutes, our family is heading to Port Huron for a hot dog roast and hay ride with another church that we’ve been going back and forth with.

So, paper airplanes, animal balloons, hot dogs, and hay rides. That pretty much sums up my life these days. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Collingsworth Concert

Posted by joelbyer on October 19, 2007

Tonight our family is going to the Collingsworth concert down in Chatham, Ontario. Why do I share this with you? Because you need to know, of course.

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Cool political web site of the day

Posted by joelbyer on October 18, 2007

Bush & Clinton Forever – Bush & Clinton Forever!!!!

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