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Posted by joelbyer on September 27, 2007

OK, there’s this blogging thing whereby one is tagged to state 7 things about yourself. (see comment below) Here goes…
1) As a child, I had pyloryxdinosis. No I have no idea if I’m spelling it correctly. No, I couldn’t find the word in the dictionary. Perhaps some nurse or doctor could help me out here. Update: It’s pyloric stenosis. Yikes! Was I off in that spelling or what? Thanks for the info, Michelle.

2) Hockey rules. Sure, go ahead and wax elephants about your football, baseball, or hoops, but when it comes to speed, skill and all-around manliness, hockey is what you are looking for.
3)I never put sugar on my cereal. Never.
4)I have approximately 15,000 stamps.
5)I pastor Dawn Valley Bible Methodist Church located on Dawn Valley Road…and it’s the flattest land you will ever see. Go figure.
6) Gordon Korman is an awesome writer.
7)I can walk on stilts and juggle (although I’ve never tried both at the same time.)

I tag the following: Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty, Stockwell Day, Stephane Dion, Saku Koivu, Kim Cambell, and last but not least, Bev Shipley.

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4 Responses to “Tagged”

  1. Pyloric stenosis, possibly?

    Michelle (Hight) Krick

  2. Gordan Korman was absolutely my favorite author while in high school. I have many of his books. Unfortunately he was a Canadian! 🙂

  3. My family and I love the Gordon Korman books,too. They are always good for a laugh and pick-me-up when we need some humor. Our favorites are the MacDonald Hall books, The Twinkie Squad, Sixth Grade Nickname Game, and Who is Bugs Potter.

  4. Huh said

    How is the Korman item something about you?

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