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Posted by joelbyer on September 20, 2007

Well I see that BBB hasn’t done commentary on recent news articles, so here’s 2 important ones I came across today.

We’re equal to Americans now

In currency, at least :-). Yes folks, for the first time in over 30 years, our currency briefly traded at part with the US before settling down to about .9995 to the US dollar. This is amazing! A few years ago, our dollar was worth under 62 cents. NOW basically par. Crossborder shopping here we come! In coming days, it is very likely to surpass the US.

Man puts rattlesnake in mouth – gets bitten

…hmmm, I’m sure like many of you I have often pondered deeply philosophical questions such as…Oh…is it wise to put a rattlesnake in my mouth?

This is why, people, we should never judge anyone. It could be that the reason he did this was because there was some vitally compelling reason to do so, and the rest of us are just too unsophisticated to understand the whole picture.  Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes OR stuck a rattlesnake in your mouth.

One Response to “News”

  1. Dad called me to brag and strut about the value of the dollar. If you’re bored, call him and ask him about the “Canero.”

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