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Posted by joelbyer on September 13, 2007

Mr Bean goes to Church

Sadly this is all too typical!


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  1. Sadly, I have seen that in church. Sadder still, it was me a couple times! 🙂

  2. Esther said

    If I leave a comment on your blog, will you leave one on ming???:)

  3. I laughed till I cried!!! Thanks for the great laugh early this Sunday morning. I just wish I could show a clip of this for church. 🙂

  4. Chris H. said

    Mr. Bean is hilarious. Have you seen the one where he playing miniature golf?

  5. IndigoLily said

    Oh, that scene just slays me!! It’s probably one of the funniest ones he does. I thought it was funny how his tongue flicked out when he said “thank you” to the man in the beginning.
    Though sometimes crass, Mr Bean can be very hilarious! I was just watching some of his stuff the other day with my sister, and we had some good laughs.

  6. For some reason Mr. Bean reminds me of Gene Davis; especially in the one where Mr. Bean goes to the Library.

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