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Don’t read my sister’s blog

Posted by joelbyer on September 6, 2007

My baby sister just started a new blog. I’m assuming she probably wants me to post a link. Fat chance of that ever happening!

Oh, and her name is Esther. The main reason she started this blog is because she wants to find a boyfriend. 🙂  (Anything else you wanted me to say about your new site, Esther?)

2 Responses to “Don’t read my sister’s blog”

  1. We shall promptly point all nice Hoosier boys in her direction. 🙂

  2. Esther said

    Excuse me!! That was so untrue!!!! And by the way, if you don’t put a link for my blog, I won’t put one for yours (not that I know how to anyway, but that’s beside the point!)!!!!!!

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