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Hockey!!! Live Action Shots!!!

Posted by joelbyer on September 3, 2007

Well folks, it was an action-packed Labour Day here at BBB headquarters. My brother Luke and family were up for the Labour Day weekend so we played our first annual (or semi-annual ??? quadrennial???) street hockey game. Needless to say it was a nasty, mean-spirited affair which of course is the only effective way to play.img_5064.jpg
Laura stands ready…yes without any equipment. She is one of the old-school goalies believing that helmets are for wimps and sissies.img_5066.jpg
Jeremy winds up for a vicious 112.4 mph slap shot while yours truly gets ready for a deflection. Not sure if this one went in or not because Laura was making unbelievable saves.img_5065.jpgJeffrey heroically stretches out to intercept an errant pass. The “Russian Red-head Rocket” was a superb play-maker.img_5067.jpgYes, the one wall of the street hockey rink might have been lined with flowers, but don’t let that fool you. We were going for blood. And where was Janessa? Well she was in the penalty box doing a 10 minute major for fighting, during the taking of these pictures.img_5070sm.jpg
Recuperating after an exhausting game.

3 Responses to “Hockey!!! Live Action Shots!!!”

  1. Does that goalie still have all her teeth? Just curious…

  2. Joel Byer said

    what are teeth?

  3. Esther said

    Hey, I finally started my own blog! Come see it at (original, eh?)!

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