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Posted by joelbyer on August 23, 2007

Our 5-year old Jeffrey went to the dentist today for 2 cavities. YIKES! Anyway, my wife and I thank the Lord that he was able to put up with the drilling and so on, and not have to visit a dental surgeon…which would probably be mega bucks. And yeah, he already has 2 cavities. He’s probably taking after me šŸ˜¦

In other unrelated news…folks…it looks like the great blogging poll is over. Angie Davis ran away with everything…primarily because she manipulated the voters, but hey, I’m not bitter :-).

Here’s my top 5 blogs in a top-5 countdown:

5) Keith Waggoner – great sense of humour. Don’t know him real well, but his foot picture was a classic.

4) Paul Peterson – former fellow quartet member…we shared many a memory…some of them even good! šŸ™‚

3) Angie Davis – blogs often, boosts BBB readership, former Canadian (explains her greatness)

2) Jon Plank – blogging trailblazer from way back when …kind of a grandfatherly figure to us junior bloggers.

1) Tim Calhoun – what can I say? He’s all that I aspire to be in a blogger… mainly due to his extremely immature sense of humour and blurry, irrelevant pictures.

6 Responses to “Dentist”

  1. We’ll be joining you in blogging about dentist trips tomorrow. šŸ˜¦ Kenton has 3 to get taken care of. So, don’t feel too guilty… or maybe we should just all feel guilty together!!! LOL

    Julie Gurnee

  2. I would NEVER dream of manipulating the voters. The numbers have spoken! šŸ™‚ We feel your pain on the dental bills. They’re waiting for Connor to hurry up and get a permanent tooth so they can see if he needs to have them all coated with enamel. Ouch!

  3. Rindy said

    Hello! Just found your blog sort of through the back door through but not sure how I got here, somehow from Paul Peterson’s site—I don’t know! But I’m here and wow–cool, you used to sing with Paul. Awesome!! Great guy!!

    Am going to read a bit more here and check some of your links—will be back!!!

  4. joelbyer said

    Ahh…I see some of you parents have/will be shared/sharing my pain.

    To Rindy: Thanks for your comment, however, if a man is known by the company of friends he keeps…don’t get your hopes up too high šŸ™‚

  5. I think my blog is a tremendous help to your numbers around here since several of my relatives can only find my blog through yours! (God bless them–it’s not that hard, but they ARE Canadian…)

  6. How sweet it is to be loved by thee!

    We had a lot of good memories… particularly “Punch Buggies”!

    I’ll never forget Troll SMASHING Orrie! ARRRRGGGHHH!!!


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