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Blogger Pool Results as of this moment…

Posted by joelbyer on August 22, 2007

BBB Update: Apparently, one of my BBB staffers very foolishly edited a statement of mine that all of you people weren’t supposed to vote for me. So my none-too-subtle attempts to berate you for not voting for me…well…it is understandable, I guess. (Needless to say, this staffer has been permanently eliminated….to another blog of course. You didn’t think I was the Mafia or something, did you? Shame on you!)  So people, don’t vote for me, then, OK? After all, here at BBB command, we are the most humble of all people.

Ahh…and here you thought I meant to say poll. Don’t you feel silly. That’s just what you get for being so critical of typo’s. Anyway, the poll results so far:

Ezra Byer – 1

Joel Byer – .83 (due to K. Waggoner’s rather lukewarm endorsement, plus half a vote from another partially enthused voter)

Titus Byer – 1 (nominated by George Bush himself!)

Tim Calhoun – 1

Carrie Carter -1

Martha Castle – 1

Angie Davis -9

Malcolm Donaldson – 1

Travis Johnson -1.5 (.5 coming from my good friend George)

Jon Plank – .33 (see: Joel Byer’s vote)

Keith Waggoner – 1

The problem with this highly scientific BBB poll, is that people vote in the strangest ways. Some tried to vote more than once. Even George Bush tried. The Cassady’s tried saying, “Angie, Angie, Angie” in hopes that this would get her 3 votes. (It didn’t. She’s overrated enough.) Keith Waggoner, however, voted for 3 different people, but this doesn’t matter because he mentioned BBB as one of his votes. Rest assured, BBB will be scrupulously honest throughout this whole voting process.

I hate getting beaten by a girl.

However, to quote that great American, King George III. I HAVE YET BEGUN TO FIGHT! Keep voting, people.


4 Responses to “Blogger Pool Results as of this moment…”

  1. Happily awaiting my shipment of coffee. (And not gloating at all…)

  2. Carrie said

    Quoted by BBB’s author–“Check out my ‘links’ page of blog links and tell me who your favourite blogger is – other than me, of course.”

    Um, you told us NOT to vote for you. Take comfort in the fact that you could not have been beaten, since you weren’t in the running anyway. 🙂

  3. Ruth said

    Your American history needs a little help! I assume you knew that and made the comment maliciously. Oh well, we’ll forgive you–’til 70 x 7. But watch out then! (You’re getting close . . .)

  4. joelbyer said

    …hmm…so King George wasn’t American (makes mental note)


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