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Favorite blogs

Posted by joelbyer on August 18, 2007

Hey everyone, thought I’d do a little poll here. Check out my “links” page of blog links and tell me who your favourite blogger is – other than me, of course. If you have one that’s not on the list, let me know it as well!

I’ll give you mine at a later post. (Once I figure out what they are)


22 Responses to “Favorite blogs”

  1. momtogirls5 said

    I love Angie Davis. She is so very funny and seems to be true to life!

  2. George Bush said

    I totally enjoyed Titus Byer’s link when it was up. Why did you take it down?

  3. Travis Johnson–mainly because I know him and he’s just as awesome in person.

  4. George Bush said

    Yeah, His is good too.

  5. Darvin Donahey said

    Darvin will cast his vote for Tim Calhoun and Dorothy will cast her vote for Angie Davis.

  6. joelbyer said

    Keep ’em comin’ folks. Thanks for the Presidential input oo.

  7. I’d vote twice, adding a plug for Martha Castle, but you haven’t added her to the list yet.

  8. Carl Damon said

    My vote goes to Angie Davis.

  9. Karen Walden said

    Angie Davis!!!

  10. Beth Yoder said

    I really enjoy looking at the missionaries blogs. . .
    But I would have to say Malcolm Donaldson’s blog is one of my favorites. . . .the pics him and his brother take are really beautiful!!!!!!

  11. Angie, Angie, Angie!

  12. Carrie said

    I think I’ll vote for Keith, since he has that really nasty picture of his foot on his blog.

    Maybe if Angie would post a really gross picture of some seeping wound (or a toe with gangrene might be interesting), I would vote for her, but Keith has my vote for now! πŸ˜‰

  13. Hey, my FACE has been on my blog–that’s gross enough!

  14. Dwight Donahey said

    I’ll cast my vote for Angie Davis!

  15. It has to be Ang! She amuses me!
    Good old Joel has also kept me in stitches.

  16. Esther said

    Ezra’s (Is that being loyal or what?).:):):):)(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:():):):):):):):):):):):)

  17. Esther said

    Did you guys know that when you put in a comment it leaves it in your computer? I have finally figured out who George Bush is!! (I hate anonymous comments:)

  18. joelbyer said

    Assuming you’re actually Esther…

  19. kwaggoner said

    I like Big Girl in Progress as well as edgewise. I, of course, would have voted for the BBB.

  20. Carrie said

    A “vote because I voted for you” vote? Sigh. That’s as good as no vote at all… 😦 However, I’ll take whatever I can get…Thanks, Keith (in the sincerest of sincere tones).

  21. Dawn said

    I vote for Angie Davis

  22. Sharlyn said

    Angie–I think she could write a best seller!

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