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Selling dogs

Posted by joelbyer on August 16, 2007

  I’m pretty confident that in the long and prestigious reign of BBB at the top of blogdom, “selling dogs” has yet to be a title. Well, today I took some pictures of dogs that are to be sold. A man from our church is selling a couple of coon dogs, and so he asked me to take a few pictures and post them on the web.

As you can see. I did.  Want to buy a coon dog? Other than a couple lame legs, mostly blind eyes, severely arthritic hips and worms, they’d make an excellent choice for keeping the raccoon population in your house low. (KIDDING about the disease part 🙂 )


2 Responses to “Selling dogs”

  1. Just what I’ve always wanted!!!

  2. Ruth said

    Does it hunt earwigs? (I hate those things . . .!)

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